Getting around in Tampa

Tampa International Airport is one of the primary gateways to the Southeastern USA for those travelers arriving from Europe and beyond. The airport is like most, in constant renovation and improvement, setting their sights on handling 25 million passengers in a year.

As the Tampa airport is the primary gateway to the Orlando area which is the home of so many attractions; including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and numerous adventure experiences; the car rental business is one of the best in the continental US. This is all well and good if you are a family arriving in Florida to enjoy a leisurely vacation where you have the advantage of time and a self drive car is a definitive advantage.

However, of the 25 million passengers who come and go, not all of them are in the area on vacation, there are equally as many business people coming into the area to visit customers, visit vendors or look for sites for future expansion of existing businesses. These busy executives have little time or patience to lug their suitcases from the airport terminal to the rental car facility, rent a vehicle and then promptly get lost. Time is far too valuable for these busy execs and this is where Tampa airport limos come into play.

When an out of town business person arrives in Tampa they want to be met at the baggage carousel, escorted to a clean, classy vehicle and taken to their destination by a well mannered driver who knows the city like the back of his hand. This is the type of service you get when you engage one of the Tampa airport limos. Although you can hail a cab, take a shuttle bus or rent a car, there are disadvantages that a limo simply does not have.

Cabs are rarely well maintained and many cab drivers are surly and not totally familiar with the Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater area, shuttle buses only go where they want to go and rental cars can end up costing a considerable amount once you take into account the insurance the companies expect you to buy and then return the car with a full tank of fuel. There is little doubt that using a limo service is by far the best way to maximize on your time; with no stress.

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