How To Make Sure You Have The Best Limo Service Possible

Renting a limo is by far the greatest way to get around, but it is also expensive when compared to a taxi for example. When you go all out and are limos in St. Petersburg you want to make sure that the experience you have is perfect; in this business the best surprise is no surprise for sure. As there are many different companies engaged in limo hire and there are also many different vehicles, at times it can be quite confusing, but, by asking a few straight forward questions you can quickly get to the bottom of it and the best company will quickly come to your attention. When shopping for limo services, here are a few tips that will help:

Licenses: It is not difficult to buy a limo and advertise that you are in the limo hire business; unfortunately limo hire is a business where there are a lot of charlatans. Every bona-fide service that rents limos in St. Petersburg will have a license issued by the State of Florida; it is this license which allows the company to operate legally, legally being the key word. On top of being licensed to operate, the best services are members of trade associations such as the NLA, National Limousine Association.

Experience: A limousine service is just that, a high end service and the expectations of the customers are high. It stands to reason that a company that has several years of experience will have gotten over the learning curve and they can provide more than a young start-up company. What is important is the years of experience that the drivers have, many of the smaller boutique limo services are staffed by highly qualified drivers so size is not really a criterion.

Insurance: make sure before you commit to hiring the company that they have at least 750 thousand dollars of liability insurance. Stretch limos, as they carry more passengers should carry higher insurance, at least one and a half million total.

Fleet size: Although the actual number of limos the company operates is not necessarily an indication of their commitment to quality, it does show that they are making money and that does not normally come from providing poor service or poor vehicles. Many companies have a wide variety of vehicles, anything from luxury sedans to party platforms.

Ask around, many of your friends may have hired limos in St. Petersburg in the past, ask what their opinions are, word of mouth is often the best advertisement.

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